Global™ class V

For team transportation, global offers this Class V with room for 8 people (including driver). It will enable you to transport a team on your projects or set up a top-of-the-range link between your production sites.



This class V-type minivan has 6 seats in the rear and two seats in the front (including the driver's seat). It is equipped with a diesel engine, and its height is 1.85m.


Adaptable space

The rear seats are retractable, providing space for larger luggage. They are also swiveling, offering various layout possibilities.



You can call on our chauffeur service to accompany you throughout your project. For further information, please contact our teams.



Global van+ Global van+
LED twin make up mirror LED twin make up mirror
On set service On set service
GW24 jacket GW24 jacket
Hand painted canvas Hand painted canvas
Lighting x ProLighting Paris Lighting x ProLighting Paris
Starlink wifi router Starlink wifi router
Black GW24 tee Black GW24 tee
White GW24 long tee White GW24 long tee
Transparent sandbag 8 Kg Transparent sandbag 8 Kg
BYREDO hand cleansing gel BYREDO hand cleansing gel
Instagrid Battery 2.3 Instagrid Battery 2.3
GW24 carrier bag GW24 carrier bag