Global™ offers delivery of the ordered equipment on our website to your location and also provides urban delivery services for your bulky equipment, with or without handling. You can find our various rates, types of deliveries, and related services on this page.

Global™ supply Global™ supply
Your equipment / storage Your equipment / storage

Global™ Supply

You can have your Global™ equipment order delivered directly to your project or event location. Check our delivery rates within a 10km radius of Paris. For distances beyond that, our team will provide you with a custom quote when confirming your order. We also offer handling services.

Your equipment / storage

If you wish to arrange delivery for bulky urban transportation, Global™ offers a delivery service for equipment not listed in our catalog. Please review our delivery terms and rates directly on this page, and submit your delivery request through the website or by contacting our teams. We can also store your equipment in our secure warehouse located 10 minutes from Paris.


Global van+ Global van+
LED twin make up mirror LED twin make up mirror
On set service On set service
GW24 jacket GW24 jacket
Hand painted canvas Hand painted canvas
Lighting x ProLighting Paris Lighting x ProLighting Paris
Starlink wifi router Starlink wifi router
Black GW24 tee Black GW24 tee
White GW24 long tee White GW24 long tee
Transparent sandbag 8 Kg Transparent sandbag 8 Kg
BYREDO hand cleansing gel BYREDO hand cleansing gel
Instagrid Battery 2.3 Instagrid Battery 2.3
GW24 carrier bag GW24 carrier bag