Global™ van+

Like the Global™ van, the Global™ van+ combines all the necessary services. It stands out for its large volumes and fully modular central space. It is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi (StarLink technology), an office area with connected screens, a powerful on-board sound system as well as a dressing room equipped with makeup ice, a hairdryer, a steamer and racks.


Seating capacity

The van has 7 belted seats, allowing your team to travel safely. The driver's area consists of 2 seats (including the driver's seat). The office/lounge space, on the other hand, has 5 seats.

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Modular space

The central space of the van is entirely modular. In the classic configuration, it consists of five seating places and a table. The table can be removed, and the seats can be arranged in a mini-bus configuration. Finally, it is also possible not to have seats in the rear to have a large space available for placing racks, organizing a control area, or other production space.

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HMU area

The hair & makeup room located at the rear of the vehicle is equipped with a stool, a steamer, a hairdryer, and a Dyson vacuum cleaner. A makeup mirror with adjustable lighting in tone and intensity is integrated into the vehicle's wall. The room has opaque windows to ensure the models' privacy. Finally, an integrated clothing rack allows you to prepare styling.

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Removable seats

The Global van+ offers the possibility to customize the office/lounge space according to each project. All seats are removable, and the Global team adjusts the configuration based on your needs.


High-performance router offering a Bouygues Telecom or Orange connection. QR codes are available in various spaces, allowing you to connect easily.

Connected screen

Equipped with 2 liquid crystal displays above the central table, allowing you to work independently of your position. Connected to an Apple TV system or a wired HDMI connection.


Wall-mounted speakers can be found throughout the vehicle, and are directly linked to the connected screens.


Located behind the driver's seats, it has a capacity of 10 cans. It can also be set to freezer mode.

Vacuum cleaner

A Dyson vacuum cleaner is attached under the table in the hair & makeup lodge. It is cordless and does not require the use of bags.


A carrier is integrated directly into the rear of the vehicle, within the HMU box. It can be used with the rear doors open or closed. It is also possible to add racks to the modular space by removing certain seats.

Styling kit

The van comes with a handheld steamer and a bath mat.


Attached to the rear doors, you will find storage nets.


This makeup mirror is equipped with adjustable LEDs in intensity and color temperature. Its height provides great working comfort. It also has USB ports on the surface.

HMU kit

You will find a pocket under the table with a hairdryer, and on top of it, a kit with two towels.


Global van+ Global van+
LED twin make up mirror LED twin make up mirror
On set service On set service
GW24 jacket GW24 jacket
Hand painted canvas Hand painted canvas
Lighting x ProLighting Paris Lighting x ProLighting Paris
Starlink wifi router Starlink wifi router
Black GW24 tee Black GW24 tee
White GW24 long tee White GW24 long tee
Transparent sandbag 8 Kg Transparent sandbag 8 Kg
BYREDO hand cleansing gel BYREDO hand cleansing gel
Instagrid Battery 2.3 Instagrid Battery 2.3
GW24 carrier bag GW24 carrier bag