ProLighting Paris

Global™ teams up with ProLighting Paris to offer a lighting package for image professionals in Paris. ProLighting Paris equipment is offered with other Global services. Contact the ProLighting Paris teams directly to order or get more information.


Expertise ProLighting

For almost 20 years, ProLighting has been acting as an efficient and trustful lighting solution for the industry.

Cohesion with the Global service

For its distribution in France, ProLighting is partnering with Global Supply, so lighting equipment rental can be combined with other Global™ solutions.


ProLighting Paris material is delivered directly via their own delivery channels. It also can be synchronise with Global™ services for an all in one delivery.



Global van+ Global van+
LED twin make up mirror LED twin make up mirror
On set service On set service
GW24 jacket GW24 jacket
Hand painted canvas Hand painted canvas
Lighting x ProLighting Paris Lighting x ProLighting Paris
Starlink wifi router Starlink wifi router
Black GW24 tee Black GW24 tee
White GW24 long tee White GW24 long tee
Transparent sandbag 8 Kg Transparent sandbag 8 Kg
BYREDO hand cleansing gel BYREDO hand cleansing gel
Instagrid Battery 2.3 Instagrid Battery 2.3
GW24 carrier bag GW24 carrier bag