Global™ offers a fleet of vehicles for your projects ranging from production vans to transport vehicles The interior of the vans offers both a driver's station, a production and relaxation area as well as a hair & makeup dressing room. You can consult the detailed specifications of the different models via the links below.

Global™ van

The Global™ van provides a complete mobile production space. Within the same passenger compartment you'll find a work and relaxation area, as well as an equipped hair & makeup dressing room located at the rear. It guarantees the safe movement of a team of 8 people (including the driver). The van is equipped with all the necessary services, including wifi, water, refrigerator and charging ports. Thanks to its integrated racks, it can also be used to transport collections.

Global™ class V

For the teams transportation, Global™ offers this Class V vehicle that can accommodate 8 people, including the driver. It allows you to transport a team for your projects or establish a high-end connection between various locations of your production.

Global™ van+

Just like the Global™ Classic van, the Global™ van + brings together all the necessary services within a vehicle. It stands out with its ample space and is equipped with high-speed internet connectivity thanks to StarLink technology. It features an office space with connected screens and a soundbar, as well as a dressing room equipped with a makeup mirror, hairdryer, steamer, and clothing racks.

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